Deutsche TV-Plattform

RTLZWEI joins Deutsche TV-Plattform

Frankfurt, 24. November 2022. Deutsche TV-Plattform e.V. has won RTL2 Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG, Grünwald, as a new member. The association now has over 50 members from all areas of the media industry.

Carine Chardon, Managing Director of Deutsche TV-Plattform: "We are very pleased about RTLZWEI's decision to become a member of our organisation. Deutsche TV-Plattform has the accolade of actively accompanying the most important technological developments in the media industry for many years. We offer our members a platform for professional exchange, provide professional impulses and moderate interests on relevant topics in the field of media and distribution technology."

In three subject-related working groups and associated task forces, the Deutsche TV-Plattform focuses on future topics such as DVB-I, addressable TV and HDR production.

Based on the work of the Smart Media Group, Deutsche TV-Plattform has published a White Paper on ADB2. The standard is highly relevant to the market: It enables the addressing of up to 12 million TV households via watermarking technology, which so far cannot be reached via HbbTV services of the TV broadcasters because the TV receiver does not support the HbbTV standard - e.g. when using a set-top box. The white paper describes technical profiles and requirements for HbbTV devices for a market launch of ADB2 and Targeted Advertising in Germany. On this basis, a range of new services should become possible, in addition to the existing HbbTV offerings in the market. Download White Paper ADB2 (free of charge):
Download White Paper ADB2 (kostenlos):