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Deutsche TV-Plattform publishes ATV-glossary 

White Paper published: Ingest / Encoding & IP-Delivery

SmarDTV Global joins
Deutsche TV-Plattform

SmarDTV Global tritt der Deutschen TV-Plattform bei

Basic set of metadata extended by aspect non-linear content

"A steadily growing number of viewers in Germany are already technically capable of enjoying UHD content in outstanding picture quality.”

Carine Chardon, ZVEI, Managing Director of Deutsche TV-Plattform
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UHD-HDR-Fernseher wurden seit 2013 in Deutschland verkauft.
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der 2020 verkauften Fernseher waren UHD-Geräte.
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of which support High Dynamic Range (HDR).

Device list and logo usage applications for manufacturers

UHD-HDR device list and consumer information about Ultra HD

Sales of smart TV sets increase by 20 percent in 2020