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CI Plus

White Paper on CI Plus 2.0 published

Out of the AG Ultra HD Task Force CI Plus, the Round Table CI Plus 2.0 was created in May 2021 after two successful workshops on the potential of CI Plus 2.0. The internationally staffed round table organised by Deutsche TV-Plattform is open to all market participants.

The aim is to moderate and coordinate the discussion on a possible market launch of CI Plus 2.0 in the DACH region. In contrast to the previous CI Plus standard, CI Plus 2.0 is based on the USB form factor. In addition to the new hardware, many other questions are relevant for a possible changeover (e.g. migration scenarios), which will be discussed within the framework of the Round Table. The white paper „Moving to CI Plus 2.0 USB – Benefits and Opportunities“, which was prepared within the CI Plus 2.0 Round Table, provides a comprehensive and up-to-date view of the challenges and opportunities of a possible market launch of CI Plus 2.0.