Deutsche TV-Plattform

Media and technologies are at the core of our DNA

New standards and technologies open up new opportunities for the media industry.
That is why it is important to obtain information early on, exchange experiences
and work together to set the course for future developments.
The German TV Platform offers its members an ideal forum for this.

Due to the rapid development of digital media, the objectives and tasks of the registered association have changed and expanded since its foundation in 1990. Thus, Deutsche TV-Plattform today no longer deals only with classic media technology, but also with the convergence of consumer electronics, information technology and telecommunications - including mobile communications. A special focus of the association is to promote the exchange between market participants and social groups, to coordinate their different interests, and to inform the public about new technological and technological developments in digital media.

The current topics of Deutsche TV-Plattform result from technical innovations and their significance for viewers and providers. Every year, the General Meeting reviews the focal points and adjusts them if necessary.

Membership in the German TV Platform is open to all interested companies, institutions and organizations involved in the digitization and further development of audiovisual media or in the convergence process. A prerequisite is the willingness to support the purposes of the statutes and to participate constructively in the working groups of Deutsche TV-Plattform.

We cross-link competence


Deutsche TV-Platform is an association of numerous companies, associations and institutions involved in the development of digital media. These include private and public broadcasters, equipment manufacturers, infrastructure operators, Internet companies, service and technology providers, research institutes and universities, federal and state authorities. The more than 50 members of Deutsche TV-Plattform come from almost all sectors of the industry. 


Wie keine andere Institution für Medienthemen in Deutschland bringt die Deutsche TV-Plattform somit Experten und Entscheider aus allen Teilen der Wertschöpfungskette zusammen und schafft so signifikanten Mehrwert für ihre Mitglieder und den Markt.


HDTV, HbbTV, DVB-T and DVB-T2 HD, Ultra HD and many more. Whenever in the last 30 years a new media technology was discussed and introduced, Deutsche TV-Plattform was involved. und DVB-T2 HD, Ultra HD u.v.m. – wann immer in den letzten 30 Jahren eine neue Medientechnologie diskutiert und eingeführt wurde, die Deutsche TV-Plattform war mit dabei.

We shape and stimulate

We shape

the exchange of information and opinions between market participants and social groups and coordinate interests.

We create forums

for joint projects.

We educate

to inform the public about technological developments around audiovisual media and explain the market.