Deutsche TV-Plattform

Special Reports

In 2016, Deutsche TV-Plattform launched a new series of events: the "Media Innovation Platform" (MIP for short). As the name suggests, the events are specifically dedicated to future topics and the question of what relevance they have for our member companies, how the consumer electronics industry and media sector can position themselves on these topics and what opportunities and challenges there are in this respect.

The word "innovation" here also stands for the format of the events. In view of the ever shorter innovation cycles in our industry, it is becoming much more difficult to exchange information on new topics quickly and in the necessary depth.

From our point of view, this can no longer be achieved with pure front shows. Therefore, interaction is a central element of the Media Innovation Platform. At these events we bring together the expertise of members and external experts in demonstrations, workshops and discussions. With success. The four previous editions of the event series have been very well attended and met with an extremely positive response.

The special editions of TV Zukunft are virtually the condensate of the individual events. They compactly reflect the essence of the key notes, workshops and discussions. (Only available in German Language)

Report on MIP#4
UHD-HDR production

Bericht zur MIP #3:
Live smarter, watch smarter

Bericht zur MIP #2: Media Consumption in autonomous cars

Bericht zur MIP #1:
VR in the TV Industry