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DVB-T2-HD devices list

Deutsche TV-Plattform is licensing the green logo for DVB-T2-HD devices. It is a good signpost for the purchase decision, because with it customers go surely that a equipment fulfills the technical minimum requirements and all DVB-T2 HD transmitters can receive - both the public, and the private channels. The latter are encrypted and transmitted for a fee.

Receivers with the green logo have either a built-in decryption system (set-top boxes) or a CI-Plus slot (mostly TV sets) for inserting an external decryption module, which must be purchased as a supplement. The exchange of DVB-T antennas for DVB-T2 HD reception is basically not necessary. Who starts new with DVB-T2 HD or wants to replace old equipment, can follow the DVB-T2 HD logo also for antennas.

You can find an overview of devices carrying the DVB-T2-HD device logo in our DVB-T2-HD device list.

Information for manufacturers and trade

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