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One of the main tasks of Deutsche TV-Plattform is, according to its statutes, to inform and educate the (specialist) public and consumers about technological developments in the field of audiovisual media. In addition to web specials (e.g. on the introduction of DVB-T2 HD or the analogue switch-off in cable), information flyers etc., Deutsche TV-Plattform fulfils this task by means of specialist brochures. Here, the association can draw on the entire know-how of its broad member base.  

Our areas of life have long since become digital and the variety of consumer electronics devices is constantly increasing. By CE devices we mean devices of the classic consumer electronics, the PC environment and telecommunications, products ranging from digital TV sets, notebooks and tablets to smartphones. While in the past these devices were operated in a rather singular way, networking among them has increased in recent years. The networking of these devices brings new user comfort for the consumer and also new applications.

This compendium presents the current status of networking technologies and applications. Based on the technical description of the transmission standards, the networked devices are presented with their interfaces and applications. This is followed by a presentation of some selected and typical networking scenarios as well as technical recommendations for experts and laymen.

In this new edition, the further developments of the transmission standards and interfaces have been taken into account, and their mode of operation has been presented in more detail. The usage scenarios and recommendations have also been expanded and adapted to the current state of the art. (Only available in German Language)

The "Ultra HD Explained" booklet, which is popular with both professionals and consumers, was first published in 2016 and has been updated annually until the third edition in 2018. 

It provides comprehensive information and education on all aspects of Ultra HD for professionals, consumers and retailers. Nearly all contents e.g. on standardisation, technologies, devices are still up to date today. "Ultra HD explained" is still a worthwhile read for anyone who wants to know more about UHD, HDR & Co. Only the section on UHD content is outdated. You can find a current overview of this in our information portal on UHD and HDR,