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The media and consumer electronics industries are innovative sectors. The number of product launches of new devices is as high as the creativity in developing new formats. At the end of the value chain are viewers and customers who will buy the new devices and thus use and/or control audiovisual media. In order to better assess how well customers are informed about new technologies or whether and how they use them, Deutsche TV-Plattform regularly conducts consumer studies on trend topics.

Below you will find the results of selected surveys from recent years. (German Language)

TV Study 2019: Younger viewers in particular find personalised television attractive

  • 44% of 18-39 year olds already use suggestions from media libraries and streaming services
  • 43 percent want individual programme recommendations directly at switch-on
  • Programme information from the net and apps are also very popular with 18-39 year olds, and 43 per cent of them use them
  • Too cumbersome and privacy concerns: only 17 percent use Alexa, Siri & Co. to control TV and streaming devices
  • 55 per cent of all respondents would like a restart function for programmes already in progress and 36 per cent would like to be able to search through all sources: TV, Catch-up TV, streaming

Study on Digital Language Assistants 2018: High level of awareness, still much potential for use

  • Up to 90 percent of respondents know Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri
  • Usage rate of language assistants is around 15 percent
  • A quarter of the respondents have a streaming device with the possibility to Voice control, one in five a TV set with this functionality
    Sprachsteuerung, jeder Fünfte ein TV-Gerät mit dieser Funktionalität
  • One in seven operate TV and streaming devices via voice input
  • Use Case Media consumption: focus on content search and basic functions
  • Half of those surveyed believe that voice input will replace remote control in the future

Study 2017: One in two people are interested in entertainment in autonomous cars

  • In general, two-thirds of the respondents can imagine using autonomous vehicles
  • New leisure time in the car: two thirds favour on-demand TV from Catch-up TV
    and video clips, one in two would use linear television
  • Great interest in new forms of entertainment such as content adapted to the journey time and augmented reality
  • One in three people would get into their cars just to enjoy new entertainment