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WG Ultra HD

Stefan Kunz
Stefan Kunz, Head of WG Ultra HD

Since the sale of the first UHD TVs, the Ultra HD working group has been actively shaping the market launch of Ultra HD in Germany. It is concerned with the production, distribution and reception of ultra-high-definition pictures and the corresponding end devices. In particular, the Plugfest series launched in 2014 has made a significant contribution in recent years to ensuring the interoperability of UHD devices with regard to interfaces, HDR and much more. The "Ultra HD Explained" brochure is probably the most comprehensive UHD standard work on standardisation and technologies for experts and technically interested readers. For consumers, the information portal was launched in 2019. Within the scope of the work of the working group, the topics HDR and CI Plus are currently in focus.

Next session

30. September 2021

The working groups of Deutsche TV-Plattform are the heart of the association - the task forces are quasi the "engine room" of the working groups. This is where the members of the working group work in a focussed and targeted manner on topics which have been identified as particularly important or urgent in the course of the working group's work. The active involvement in the task forces is open to all members. 

Task Force CI Plus

TF CI Plus is currently working on setting up a central test stream server for platform operators and manufacturers, an address directory of all relevant contacts and is evaluating the general conditions for the introduction of CI Plus 2.0

Carine Chardon, Head of Task Force CI Plus

A good ten years after the launch of CI Plus, the digital interface remains of great importance for providers and users of encrypted broadcasting services. The CI Plus Task Force, founded in 2020, focuses on practical aspects such as the systematisation and simplification of test procedures as well as strategic considerations such as the development of an introduction scenario for CI Plus 2.0 in the German market. The new specification transfers the previous form factor of CI Plus (PCMCIA) to the USB interface and could thus reduce barriers and facilitate the marketing of corresponding services.

Task Force HDR Regelbetrieb

The Task Force HDR develops recommendations across the entire signal chain to ensure the best possible HDR experience for customers. 

Stefan Kunz
Stefan Kunz, Head of Task Force HDR

The full potential of Ultra HD's picture quality can be further enhanced with natural, true-to-life image reproduction. In addition to higher resolution, HDR offers a wider colour gamut, greater colour depth and an extended contrast range. However, this places special demands on the entire signal chain, from the production set on site, through signal supply and processing, to the display on UHD TVs in viewers' living rooms. The Task Force HDR has therefore set itself the task of drawing up recommendations throughout the entire chain in order to "guarantee" the best possible HDR experience for the customer and, as far as possible, to define measurable indicators for this. 

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