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CE Industry Compass 1st Half of 2023: For the First Time, More Than Half of Sold Radios Are DAB+ Capable

Frankfurt am Main, 8. August. Mai 2023.

The digitalization of radio reception is steadily advancing. According to the latest CE Industry Compass by ZVEI and Deutsche TV-Plattform in cooperation with GfK, for the first time in the history of radio in Germany, over half of the sold radio devices are digital and capable of receiving DAB+ (1st Half of 2023: 52 percent or 0.5 million units). This marks a nine-percentage point increase since 2019. A total of approximately 16 million DAB+ radio devices (across all radio categories) have been sold since 2010.  
Headphones also continue to be in demand. In the first six months of 2023, around two percent more devices were sold compared to the previous year's period. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of all audio devices sold in the 1st Half of 2023 were headphones.
Boom in TVs with Integrated Surround Sound
Television sets with directly integrated surround sound are experiencing a real boom. The share of these TVs in the overall TV market has risen from 29 to 40 percent in the 1st Half of 2023 compared to the previous year's period. The direct integration of features into televisions is thus also advancing in terms of audio. However, external audio devices remain popular: According to a recent GfK survey* conducted for ZVEI, almost half of the respondents have connected a soundbar or speakers to their main TV, although only a third actually use these external devices.
Share of UHD TVs Stabilizes at 75 Percent
After rapid growth in the initial years of market introduction, the market share of UHD TVs has now stabilized at around 75 percent. About a quarter of buyers still opt for HD picture quality, and since 2018, 10.6 million HD TVs have been sold in Germany. Notably, more and more UHD TVs are "HDR all-rounders." The market share of sold UHD TVs capable of all common HDR formats increased significantly from 18 to 24 percent in the 1st Half of 2023 compared to the previous year's period.  
Market Share of TVs 65 Inches and Larger Doubles Since 2018
Larger screens have been in fashion for years – about one in five sold TVs is a 55-inch device. More movement has been observed in the larger screens category. The share of 65-inch TVs sold in Germany has nearly doubled in recent years, reaching 15 percent. Even larger devices have gained ground but remain in the niche – their market share is even slightly declining. Current consumer sentiment might be a factor here – the group of smaller TVs up to 50 inches is experiencing a slight resurgence after years of declining shares.
All figures in this press release are based on GfK Total Market.

Further figures on audio and TV/video can be found in the Industry Compass 1st Half of 2023

*Survey: On behalf of ZVEI, 1,000 individuals aged 18 to 74 representing the German-speaking population were surveyed using GfK eBUS®. The survey was conducted from July 6th to July 9th, 2023.