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Divitel and Gracenote join Deutsche TV-Plattform

Frankfurt a. Main, March 14, 2022. The German TV platform has gained two new members: Divitel B.V, based in Apeldoorn, Netherlands, and Gracenote, based in Munich. Divitel is a leading, manufacturer-independent provider of system integration and professional services in the field of video distribution and optimizes processes from OTT to IPTV to DVB. Gracenote is a global leader in metadata and technology, specifically for media companies and platform operators. Before joining, Gracenote was already involved in the metadata task force of the German TV platform.

Andre Prahl, Chairman of Deutsche TV-Plattform: "The distribution of media content via IP and the associated optimisation of networks is an important topic for the members of Deutsche TV-Plattform. This also applies to the preparation and maintenance of metadata, which plays a central role in finding and using programmes and is of increasing importance for companies and viewers alike. We are therefore very pleased that Divitel and Gracenote are joining our association as two companies that will contribute their proven expertise in these areas to Deutsche TV-Plattform and the work of our committees."

“We are honored to have been added as member of the Deutsche TV-Platform community,” said Hans Kornmann CEO and founder of Divitel. “We very much look forward to share our knowledge and experience on how data insights, automation and machine learning can be used to maximize efficiency and facilitate a move towards fully automized video distribution,” he added.

Tamara Altendorf, Director Sales, Europe at Gracenote: "Metadata is becoming more and more crucial for media companies and platform operators against the background of an ever-growing content and platform offering. Gracenote has already made a significant contribution to the metadata task force in the past. Now, as a member of Deutsche TV-Plattform, we want to actively contribute to the future development of the market and look forward to a constructive exchange with the other members."

In the field of IP streaming, the German TV-Platform recently shed light on the quality measurement of video streaming. A white paper offers a practice-oriented introduction to the topic with a focus on the so-called Quality of Experience (QoE) among users. Best practices were developed for the coding and contribution of content, which provide useful tips for the industry. Download White Paper (free of charge):
Download White Paper (kostenlos):

Das „Basis-Set Metadaten“ der DTVP bietet den Marktteilnehmern wichtige Orientierung und bildet ein marktübergreifendes Verständnis für Mindestanforderungen bezüglich Metadaten für die Content-Distribution inkl. für non-lineare Dienste ab. damit soll den Austausch dieser Daten erleichtert bzw. der Aufwand bei den Sendern und Dienstleistern verringert werden.
Download Basis-Set Metadaten (kostenlos):