Terrestrial & mobile Media Working Group

Holger Meinzer

The Working Group Terrestrial & Mobile Media of the German TV Platform was founded in April 2016 and builds on the successful work of the WG Broadcast infrastructure and the WG Mobile media usage (press release). She is led by Holger Meinzer (Chief Commercial Officer B2B Media Broadcast) and is devoted primarily to the conversion of DVB-T to the second generation of digital terrestrial television in Germany: DVB-T2 HD. Moreover, the Working Group treated with all other forms of media distribution via terrestrial frequencies and methods for supply of portable receivers with audiovisual media.

The terrestrial TV was the first reception path, who had mastered the complete switch from analogue to digital end of 2008. In order for the digital terrestrial television established itself as the third largest TV transmission - in addition to satellite and cable as the main TV receiving paths in Germany. With the ongoing migration of DVB-T on the successor standard DVB-T2 since May 31, 2016 digital terrestrial faces a further stage of development. With the new standard TV viewers have a greater variety of programs in the remaining terrestrial frequencies for broadcasting - for the first time in HD-quality. In addition, the use of HEVC for DVB-T2 Germany is the global innovation leader, but it requires on the part of consumers to switch to new devices. At the same time the business model of the digital terrestrial television changes with the encryption private HD channels: They are spread over the freenetTV-platform, while the public HD-channels remain free to air.

The switch to DVB-T2 HD from 29 March 2017 to mid 2019 a challenging undertaking in view of the technical and market-related complexity that can only be achieved in close coordination and cooperation with all market participants and other participating institutions. Therefore the new Working Group Terrestrial & Mobile Media was founded by members of the German TV Platform to provide a forum for coordinated action and a smooth introduction of DVB-T2 HD. Here, the AG sees itself as a cross-platform for discussion for the members and a wider circle of interested persons. It will allow all market participants the exchange standpoints and to work out appropriate measures to accompany the migration and to promote the introduction of DVB-T2 HD.

In addition to serving as a discussion platform, the WG will work out with their expertise and interdisciplinary composition appropriate solutions and scenarios to overcome possible hurdles in the transition to DVB-T2 HD and will developing the basis for technical, economic or political decisions of the competent bodies and institutions. As professional expert panel it provides together with the public relations of the Deutsche TV-Plattform an active, constructive contribution to informing and educating consumers. This is done in close coordination with the initiative DVB-T2 HD, the Project Office and the platform operators. The WG supports the management of the German TV platform in the promotion of DVB-T2 HD device-logos.

For mobile use of linear TV programs on portable devices the digital terrestrial television has a unique position among the TV-distribution channels. That advantage should convey to DVB-T2 HD and the same time the networking with other terrestrial transmission forms of moving image and nonlinear TV should promoted. Also questions of the safety of the funds available for radio frequency spectrum (Digital Dividend) and interference-free use of radio and mobile (LTE) plays a role for the WG-work. "TV reception paths are the lifelines of the digital broadcasting. Now in Germany the conversion of terrestrial DVB-T2 HD in the center - also the mobile media use is growing," says Holger Meinzer, WG-leader and member of the board: "Our Working Group is actively engaged."

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