Mobile Media Working Group


The German TV Platform’s Mobile Media Usage Working Group was established in July 2014 (press release). It is headed by Dr. Helmut Stein (ISDM/DVB), who had previously been in charge of the Devices and Interconnectivity Working Group (2012/13) (press release). The working group’s focus are the opportunities for new business models created by the growing interconnection of various consumer devices, with a special emphasis on media and their usage on the go – with the term media including entertainment, information, and social media.

Specifically, the group is concerned with interconnected systems as digital platforms for media usage in all walks of life – from the workplace, via leisure time, all the way to the home environment. These parallel worlds would remain isolated if it were not for the various ways of digital interconnection, which are determined not only by innovative technical and technological solutions but also by novel usage scenarios.

This working group of the German TV Platform not only deals with television – even though its focus is on broadcasting and digital moving images as well as distribution and usage. While years ago, USB connections were more or less restricted to personal computers and HDMI connectors to flat-screen TV displays, they are nowadays found on a wide variety of hardware. “Swiping” cell-phone photos to the TV screen or “pulling” TV programs from the TV to a tablet computer is gradually becoming part of our daily lives, as are personalized apps on all screens – including those in the car. For all of this to work flawlessly, clearly defined processes, specifications, and standards are required, including suitable interfaces. They are, in a way, the DNA of the digital world – and if you want to understand its genome, you have to decrypt its genetic code.

For the German TV Platform, the subject of interconnectivity is nothing new. Following the “MultiMediaMobile” Working Group (2004–2009), the organizations 20th symposium in Berlin, held in November 2011 under the heading “Integrated Media Usage: At Home and on the Go,” provided further insights. Six months later, the Interconnectivity Project Group (within the Devices and Interconnectivity WG) was launched, from which today’s Mobile Media Usage WG emerged. The first product was the “Interconnectivity Compendium”, published for IFA 2014, in which experts provide a complete overview of technologies and recommendations on their usage.

“Interconnected systems rather than individual devices are increasingly providing the platform for private media usage,” says Dr. Helmut Stein, head of the working group and member of the Executive Board. “Apart from stationary networks (home network) and vehicle-based networks (automobile infotainment), mobile networks play, of course, a preeminent role. In most cases, smartphones and tablet computers serve as universal and portable consumer devices, which are turning more and more into personal media and communications managers. The working group’s task is to describe the technology as well as the further evolution of such interconnected systems and to develop usage scenarios with their specific, novel services.”

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